Restoring a 1973 BMW R75/5 Motorcycle

February 17, 2007

Screwed and back in Hell’s Kitchen

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I promise to show you some more sad wrenching soon but today was a rare back-to-back weekend club ride, the SC-MA’s Sweetheart Ride. Gary was scheduled to come along with Joe and I. We were all going to meet at the start. The weather report was two-thumbs-up so the world was good. I tried to convince Joe to come by my place first so we could ride down together. And, ah, maybe I’d get another pair of hands to wrestle with that stubborn fork nut. Nope, not today.

I thought about checking my tire pressure last night. Nawww, I just checked it a couple of days ago. So I roll off the center stand I immediately know something’s wrong. I’m too low to the ground and rolling resistance is way too high.


Yep, screwed. Jeez, this pair of Z6’s can’t have more than 400 miles on them! I had to put air in the tire just to get it on the center stand. So I call Joe and tell him I’m running a little late. I whip out the sticky-string tire repair kit and fit it up in no-time-flat. That includes the one string that came off the insertion tool completely inside the tire *D’oh!*. I also have a Stop-N-Go tire plugger. Many long-distance riders swear by those non-adhesive mushroom plugs. I had poor results with them so far. I had two plugs that held for 10 minutes before leaking. So far my sticky string repairs are batting 1000, zero failures and I can ride ’em to the end of the tire’s life. Yeah, yeah, I know, don’t fix any sidewall punctures. The thing that burns me is I know a regular internal patch is the best repair but most shops around me will not do them because of liability concerns.

Anyway, I met up with the fellas only about 20 minutes late and off we went. Today’s weather was magnificent, sunny and 80 to 90 degrees. I feel bad for all my snow-bound readers but this is what California is all about. We started at Orange County Honda (right across the street from Irv Seaver BMW). We rode past Cook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon, down to Oceanside, and around and then over Ortega Highway. We rode past some serious avacado fields but it looks like the recent freeze or something else killed many of them. I bet avacado prices will be insane soon.

Here’s a picture of Gary, next to his ST1300 drinking some water at a ride checkpoint. That’s Joe up ahead to the left. I promised to put this in as evidence for his wife, Yvonne, that he does indeed drink some water.


The ride ended at Hell’s Kitchen. Oh yeah, there were a few more bikes there today than last Sunday.



We stayed there to eat but I don’t recall any meal ever taking longer to cook. Gary got up and left after waiting at least 40 minutes for a hamburger that never arrived. Joe and I shrugged and stayed another 20 minutes to get some mouth-watering tri-tip sandwiches. Being hungry always helps the meal taste better.

Oddly, there were no raffles or games on today’s ride but the clean dry twisty roads were more than enough compensation. Here’s the pin we got for today’s ride.


See you next time in the garage!


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