Restoring a 1973 BMW R75/5 Motorcycle

December 30, 2006

Who put the baby in the Bing?

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It sure was a good thing I started with the right-side carburetor. That way I had some clue what was going on. If I had started with the left hand side I’d be much more panicky. Why the difference? I think it was rainwater that somehow flooded the left carb since the sidestand leans the bike over to the left.

Here’s the main needle. This gave me a hint of what was to come later.


A little further into disassembly I notice something dripping on my hand. Who put baby puke in my carb intake? The picture is a touch out of focus but that white wet goo is what I’m referring to. Hmm, doesn’t smell like gas or much of anything else either. But sure does feel slimy!


Here comes the low point. When I opened up the float bowl some brown slimy stuff oozed out. Parents, don’t let your kids take a dump in the carburetor. Just nasty.


After disposing of this crap in an ecologically sound fashion (sure hope the dog doesn’t lick there) I continued to discover various parts completely corroded into uselessness. If I had not seen semi-okay carb guts yesterday I would have thought the gas was metered by a Play-Doh factory. Now I might have mentioned that I have a carb rebuild kit on order. But the thing is that kit only includes some gaskets, diaphragms, and o-rings. Not any jets, needles, or other goodies.

Whatever will our hero do? Cry about it to Joe, who happened to be gathering some of his spares to bring over. Here’s a picture of four boxes of goodies Joe brought over today.


Four magic boxes of stuff. What kind of stuff? If you look to the lower right you will see two completely rebuilt Bings. The EXACT P/N’s that match mine. I don’t need to touch those because elsewhere in the magic boxes are a bunch of used-but-not-gooey carb parts! And a long swingarm (to convert a /5 SWB into a /5 LWB) and rockers arms and wheel axles and center stand and … Well, you get the idea. He needs to dig a little deeper in his garage to get at a LWB sub-frame, spare mufflers and more.

I’m not convinced I want to convert this into a LWB but most people liked the difference. When this is over Joe might own half this bike.


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